Eyelash Enhancements

What are Eyelash Enhancements?

Across the globe, there are many cultures that find long and full eyelashes to be more attractive. People turn to eyelash enhancements to achieve that ideal appearance. There are many ways this look can be achieved. The usual solutions include: the regular use of natural products, applying artificial eyelashes, or applying a topical prescription to stimulate eyelash growth.

Who are good candidates for eyelash enhancements?

Anyone who feels they naturally have an insufficient production of eyelashes would be a great candidate for eyelash enhancements. Their lashes may appear sparse and short. Also, people with light-colored hair and lashes may seek enhancements to make their lashes more noticeable. 

Medical conditions and certain medications can also affect the appearance of your lashes. For instance, there is a condition known as hypotrichosis that causes chronic hair loss. Also, people that are going through chemotherapy will most likely lose their hair. Finally, there is wide range of everyday prescriptions, from those that treat acne to blood pressure, that can also cause hair loss. As a result, if you are experiencing any unwanted hair loss, it is suggested that you consult with a doctor to discuss your condition and options.

How can you enhance your eyelashes?

There are many natural ways to increase the fullness and length of your eyelashes. Before divulging those tips, it is important that you are taking proper care of your eyelashes. It is recommended to avoid harshly rubbing your eyes, to gently remove your eye makeup before bed and to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Proper care of your lashes will maintain any improvements seen after the use of enhancement treatments.

The natural, at-home remedies to enhance your eyelashes include:

  • applying vaseline or natural oils (like olive oil or coconut oil) to the base of your eyelids
  • taking vitamin E and C supplements and having a nutrient-rich diet

Just like any other treatment plan, it will take a couple weeks to see the results of these natural remedies. In addition, using mascara and an eyelash curler will help to accentuate your natural lashes.

Synthetic Eyelashes

Eyelashes can be artificially enhanced with the application of synthetic eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes are not permanent, and the length of time they last will depend on the application and quality of the lashes.

Latisse Treatment

There is also a topical prescription, known as Latisse, that can be used to enhance your eyelashes. It works by stimulating the natural growth of your eyelashes over the matter of weeks. This FDA-approved prescription is a liquid form of bimatoprost. Bimatoprost is the main ingredient found in a glaucoma eye-drop medication known as Lumigan. 

Latisse is applied the to the upper eyelids only with the applicators that accompany the product. After 16 weeks, your eyelashes will be thicker, longer and darker. But your lashes will return to their natural state if you stop using Latisse. 

It is very important that you consult with a doctor trained in cosmetic medicine to discuss whether or not Latisse is a suitable option for you.

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