Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

Platelet Rich Plasma P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction (PRP) Treatment in South Pasadena, CA


PRP P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

The P-Shot, aka Priapus Shot, has been gaining in popularity as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. This revolutionary, minimally-invasive treatment can help men achieve strong erections naturally and spontaneously without medication. Please keep reading to find out more about the PRP P-Shot for erectile dysfunction (ED).

What is ED or erectile dysfunction? Who is at risk? How is it treated?

Erectile dysfunction (ED), commonly known as impotence, is a difficulty with achieving and maintaining an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sex. 

A large study called the Massachusetts Male Aging Study estimated a prevalence rate of 52%, meaning 1 in 2 men has erection problems. The study data also suggested that more than 600,000 new cases of ED are diagnosed each year in the United States. The strongest predictor for this condition is age – 40% of men are affected by age 40 and 70% of men have erectile dysfunction by age 70. 

While ED is a common problem, it continues to be under-diagnosed and under-treated, mainly due to the embarrassment men feel while discussing sexual health. But men with erectile dysfunction do not have to live with the condition. There are several treatments available, from lifestyle modifications (such as smoking cessation) to oral medications (Viagra, Cialis) and vacuum constriction devices (penis pumps). Each treatment option has its pros and cons. 

Identifying and treating the root cause of the problem is the key to improving sexual health and function in men with erectile dysfunction. Specialized treatments, such as the PRP P-Shot, can accomplish this naturally without drugs or devices.

What is PRP?

PRP or platelet-rich plasma therapy involves taking a sample of your own blood, processing it in the laboratory, and re-injecting it into the body. The platelet-rich plasma that is injected contains 4-6 times higher concentration of platelets, growth factors, and proteins compared to whole blood. PRP is commonly used to aid recovery from muscle and joint injuries, promote wound healing, stimulate hair growth, and rejuvenate the skin.

How does the P-Shot treat erectile dysfunction?

To understand how the P-shot works in men with ED, we need to first understand what causes erection problems. Erections occur as a result of a complex chain of events that involves emotions (sexual arousal), nerves, blood vessels, and hormones. Ultimately, the blood vessels in the penis relax and open up and blood rushes in, leading to an engorgement of the penis. 

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to a variety of reasons, but it most often happens due to poor blood flow in the penis or damage to the nerves. The PRP P-Shot enhances sexual performance by promoting the formation of new blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the penis. It also aids in the formation of new nerve pathways and the repair of tissues and cells in the penis. 

What happens during P-Shot therapy?

The procedure is pretty straightforward. A numbing cream (lidocaine) is applied to the penis. A sample of blood is drawn and processed in a special centrifuge machine to separate the platelet-rich plasma. The PRP solution is activated and loaded into a syringe which is injected in the penis. There is very little discomfort and no downtime – you can return to normal activities right away. 

Does the P Shot for ED really work?

The P-Shot is a great treatment choice for men who want to treat erectile dysfunction without medications or those who find devices like penis pumps too clunky or unnatural. Men who have undergone P-Shot treatment report consistent improvement in erections, including less difficulty in developing and maintaining an erection, more firmness, more intense orgasms, and greater stamina during sex. The ability to achieve strong, sustained erections leads to increased sexual confidence and translates to healthier sexual relationships. 

Does the P Shot increase penis length?

The P Shot does not increase the actual length or girth of the penis. However, it does improve circulation and promote naturally stronger erections, which can make the penis appear larger.

How long does the P Shot last?

Unlike ED medications (Viagra, Cialis) and vacuum devices (penis pumps) which have temporary effects, the P-Shot addresses the root cause of the problem. Results are noticeable within 1-6 weeks of the treatment and can last for 18-24 months. In some men, the results of the P Shot may be permanent. The treatment can be repeated as often as needed since it does not involve any hormones, chemicals, or drugs.

What are the side effects of the P Shot?

The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) used in the P-Shot is obtained from your own blood. Therefore, there is no risk of allergic reactions or transmission of communicable diseases. There can be some minor side effects after the P Shot, such as mild bruising and swelling. This usually resolves within a few days. 

Is the P Shot right for me?

The PRP P-Shot for erectile dysfunction is a drug-free, non-surgical, natural approach to treating ED. It uses the healing power of your own body to restore penile tissues, improve the quality of your erections, and enhance sexual performance and satisfaction. There are minimal side effects, no downtime, and the results are long lasting. There are no heart-related risks, unlike ED drugs (Viagra and Cialis). The P-Shot can also be used for other penile problems such as Peyronie’s disease (curved penis). PRP therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments like GAINSWave and ED drugs as well.

If you would like to discuss minimally-invasive ED treatment options, please see us in consultation at RejuvaYou Medical. We offer a free evaluation to determine if the PRP P-Shot can help your erectile dysfunction symptoms. Call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions about P-Shot and other treatment options for ED.

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