Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

The advancement of laser technology in cosmetic medicine has lead to many effective and beneficial treatments, including the removal of unwanted hair. Both men and women experience the discomfort of excessive or undesirable hair growth. Fortunately, laser hair removal is a long-lasting treatment to eliminate your undesired hair.

This noninvasive and safe procedure utilizes laser technology to target and immobilize hair follicles. This treatment can be used anywhere on the body that you have unwanted hair. Typically these areas include: face, neck, chest, underarms, arms, back, bikini area and legs.

What causes unwanted hair?

Genetics and hormonal imbalances are the most common reasons for unwanted or excessive hair growth.

There are many medical reasons that could cause additional hair growth. Hormonal changes like puberty, pregnancy and menopause are very common contributing factors to increased hair growth. Before proceeding with laser hair removal, it is suggested to consult with a doctor to discuss your condition, its probable cause and your options for a solution. Consulting with a doctor is also very important because there is a small chance your unwanted hair growth is the result of an underlying medical condition, such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or Cushing’s syndrome.

What happens during a laser hair removal treatment?

If you are interested in pursuing laser hair removal treatments, it is important to consult with a doctor trained in aesthetic medicine to develop an individualized treatment plan, especially for your skin type and color. 

Before your treatment, it is advised that you trim the hair of the area being treated. The area will be covered with a gel that aides the laser to penetrate the skin. Your practitioner will then use a laser, like Syneron’s elos, to apply radio frequency and intense pulsed light energies to the area. The intense pulsed light and facial gel will guide the radiofrequency to the hair follicle. Once the radiofrequency reaches the hair follicle, it will become immobilized and will result in its removal.

What are the results of a laser hair removal treatment?

What’s great about this noninvasive procedure is there is no downtime. You can promptly return to your daily routine without pain or irritation. Your skin may experience some redness, tenderness and minor swelling directly after your treatment, but that will subside within a few days. If those symptoms do not subside or worsen, immediately contact your doctor.

The results of laser hair removal are long-lasting, but each person will have different results. Results will also vary depending on the area of the body treated. There are different phases of hair growth and that is why multiple sessions, a few weeks apart, are necessary for optimal results. By laser-treating the hair follicles during those different stages of hair growth, you will increase your chances of long-lasting hair removal. After the recommended 6-8 sessions of treatment, you should see a vast improvement or complete elimination of hair in the area treated.

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