Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift Treatment

Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift Treatment in South Pasadena, CA


Thread Lifts: Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift – A Non-Surgical Facelift

If you’ve had your fill of fillers and are not quite ready for facelift surgery, an innovative, non-surgical treatment can help revitalize your face. Keep reading to learn more about thread lifts, in particular the Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift, a minimally invasive office procedure that will instantly lift and volumize your mid-face.

What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is a non-surgical alternative to facelift surgery. It involves inserting medical-grade threads under the surface of the skin to tighten and pull up the mid-face where the signs of aging are often most visible. The treatment can immediately lift sagging mid-facial tissues of the cheek and jawline and correct deep nasolabial folds. The placement of the threads also stimulates collagen production in the skin over time, thus boosting volume and subtly and naturally correcting age-related volume loss.

What is a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift? How is it different from traditional thread lifts?

At RejuvaYou Medical, we offer the Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift. It is a new-generation threadlift that uses patented Micro-Suspension Technology. One of the key advantages of Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift is that it uses PLLA threads instead of PDO threads. (PDO threads are a type of surgical suture that were used to lift sagging facial tissues when thread lifts were first developed). 

What are PLLA threads made of?

The sutures used to perform a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift contain a biodegradable sugar called PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid). This is a substance the body naturally dissolves over time. Some Silhouette InstaLift sutures contain PLLA and another sugar molecule called PGA (polyglycolic acid). These substances are commonly used in dermatology and cosmetic treatments. PLLA is the main ingredient in Sculptra, a volumizing injectable filler. Glycolic acids are often used in peels for skin renewal.

Why is a PLLA thread lift better than a PDO thread lift?

Collagen is an essential skin protein that gives the skin its soft, smooth, youthful appearance. As we age, the amount of collagen in the skin decreases, leading to visible signs of aging. Studies have shown that PLLA (poly-L-lactic acid) threads are superior to PDO (polydioxanone) threads in stimulating collagen production in the skin. 

What’s more, the biodegradation period for PLLA is 14-18 months, compared to 6-8 months for PDO threads. Meaning, it takes longer for the body to absorb PLLA threads. This means that the results of a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift last longer than thread lifts that use PDO threads.

Last but not least, Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift with PLLA threads gives subtle but visible results that look natural. Thread lifts of the past used non-absorbable sutures with barbs to anchor the thread to the skin and obtain traction. These threads frequently caused visible tracks and pulling of the skin, leading to an unnatural appearance while talking, smiling, etc. Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift achieves harmony and balance in a way that dermal fillers and Botox cannot. The treatment helps to recreate the natural youthful contours of the face without surgery.

What to expect during a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift procedure?

The thread lift procedure itself is pretty straightforward and takes less than an hour to complete. We start by marking your face with the points where the sutures will be placed. Once the sutures are placed under the skin, we gently massage your face. That’s it – you’ll see an immediate improvement in your face. You can drive yourself home afterwards.

Is a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift painful?

A local numbing medicine (lidocaine) is used at the entry and exit points of the threads to minimize discomfort. Also, the threads are placed in the fat layer under the skin which doesn’t contain nerves. Most patients experience very little discomfort with the Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift.

How soon do you see results from Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift? How long do the results last?

The sutures instantly lift sagging mid-facial tissues. Therefore, the lifting effect of a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift  treatment is immediate. There is continued improvement over the next 3-6 months as the threads activate natural collagen production in the skin. The results of the non-surgical facelift with PLLA threads last 12-18 month on average, but this can vary from patient to patient.

What are the side effects and risks of a thread lift?

A thread lift is a low-risk procedure. Side effects are mild and may include some minor soreness for 1-2 days. There can also be some mild bruising and swelling. If a slight puckering develops at the site of thread placement, it typically goes away in a few days. 

We may ask you to temporarily stop taking some medications that can increase the risk of bruising / bleeding. Doing this for a few days around your Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift helps to minimize these complications.

Do I need to take time off after a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift?

There is no downtime after a thread lift. Most patients resume all normal activities the same day or in 24-48 hours at most. You will need to avoid chewy or hard foods, facial massages, and strenuous workouts for about a week to prevent displacement of the threads. You can wear makeup after 24 hours.

Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift vs facelift and neck lift: Which one is right for me?

Each procedure has its pros and cons. While a surgical facelift can achieve dramatic results that are long-lasting (7-10 years), it is a surgical procedure with attendant risks and a long recovery period. A Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift, on the other hand, is a minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative that can give you less dramatic, but more subtle, natural results. 

At RejuvaYou Medical, we recommend Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift to men and women who have mild to moderate skin laxity in the cheeks, jawline, and jowls. Those with poor skin elasticity or thin skin may not be good candidates for a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift because it can be challenging to safely place the threads in such patients.

Not sure if a Silhouette InstaLift Thread Lift is right for you? At RejuvaYou Medical, we offer a free evaluation to determine if a thread lift can restore your face to a more youthful appearance. We will be happy to answer your questions about Silhouette InstaLift and other face lift treatment options. 

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