Vaser Liposuction

A minimally-invasive way to reveal a more sculpted figure.


What is VASERlipo®?

Unfortunately, diet and exercise are sometimes not enough to get rid of the stubborn fat deposits on the abdomen, flanks and thighs. RejuvaYou Medical offers VASERlipo® — a safe, advanced, body-contouring technology that removes fat from around large muscle groups and make your body look more defined.

For many of Dr. Shieh’s patients, choosing VASERlipo® is as much about removing excess fat as it is about self-confidence.

Vaser liposuction is a procedure which is used to change the contours and shape of the body by removing persistent fat deposits. Vaser stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. It is a specialised ultrasound technology used to break down fat cells by sending out ultrasonic frequency waves. Once the fat cells have been broken down, the cosmetic surgeon is able to remove excess fat through a suction process (the liposuction part of the procedure). The ultrasound technology used during a vaser liposuction procedure comes with certain benefits, compared to traditional liposuction procedures.

What is the difference between liposuction and VASERlipo®?

There are several differences between traditional liposuction and VASERlipo®. With traditional liposuction, fluid containing an intravenous salt solution, lidocaine (a local anesthetic) and epinephrine (a medication that helps to contract blood vessels and limit blood loss) is injected into the fatty tissue. After this fluid is injected, a cannula is used to suction the fat cells and the injected fluid directly from under the skin.

One of the major benefits of vaser liposuction compared to traditional liposuction methods, is the minimal amount of damage to surrounding tissues. Vaser liposuction uses a smaller incision and soundwaves to liquefy the fat before it is removed from the body. Liquefying the fat has the potential to increase the accuracy of the procedure and make the fat easier to remove. In addition to that, it could also minimise the damage inflicted upon surrounding tissues.

Fat cells removed during a vaser liposuction are specifically targeted which allows Dr. Shieh to provide the patient with a smoother and a more sculpted end result. During the procedure, he is able to highlight and define certain muscles, which give the patient a more noticeable result. The procedure can also tighten the skin and target cellulite, since a combination of ultrasound and laser techniques can be implemented during the procedure.

What happens during the VASERlipo® procedure?

Depending upon the number and size of the areas that are being treated, your VASERlipo® will take between one and three hours. Dr. Shieh will meet with you prior to surgery. He will make marks on your body to indicate the locations that will receive VASERlipo® and how he wants each area to look following the procedure. Dr. Shieh will make tiny incisions in each area targeted for fat removal. He will then gently insert the VASERlipo® cannula (a thin tube that looks like a pen) under your skin. As Dr. Shieh moves the cannula back and forth, the sound waves will break apart your fat cells and turn them into liquid form.

What happens after the vaser liposuction procedure?

For most patients, the skin tends to tighten shortly after the procedure. Therefore, patients can expect to see some results over a short period of time, generally after 6 weeks. However, it’s important to remember that the best results can be seen several months after the procedure, because the body needs a significant amount of time to heal. In some cases it may take up to 6 months, and results can differ.

You can expect reasonable pain and discomfort, typically requiring 4-7 days off work. You will also need to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks.

The follow-up care will also require systematic lymphatic drainage massage within the first 2 weeks.

What is the VASERlipo® recovery?

You will wake up from VASERlipo® wearing a compression garment. This garment must be worn at all times for 2-6 weeks, depending upon Dr. Shieh’s specific recommendation.

Immediately following the surgery, you should rest for several hours. You will be able to perform light activities around the house later that day and evening. You may have moderate bruising, drainage, or swelling for the first few days. Many patients report very little pain following VASERlipo®. However, if needed, Dr. Shieh will prescribe pain medication to keep you comfortable.

You will be encouraged to begin walking the day after VASERlipo®, but must avoid heavy exercise for two weeks. You should anticipate remaining out of work for three or four days after your procedure. Generally the final results are visible within three to six months.

Some degree of post-surgical assistance will be required. We strongly recommend that you create a plan to take care of yourself and your family, so that you can focus on your recovery.

Are there complications with VASERlipo®?

During your consultation, Dr. Shieh will explain the risks of VASERlipo® so that you can make an informed decision. As with other surgeries, the main complications are bleeding, infection and scarring. Complications can be reduced by providing a thorough medical history and carefully following your pre-operative and post- operative instructions.

Interested in VASERlipo®?

Want to learn more about VASERlipo®?  Not sure whether you’re a good candidate for this treatment?  We will be happy to answer your questions about VASERlipo® and we can provide you with information so you can determine if it is right for you.

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