ThermiTight ®Treatment Available In South Pasadena


What is ThermiTight®?

The ThermiTight® procedure can produce dramatic results with only one treatment. Most patients experience little to no downtime and can return to work and normal activities by the next day. After the procedure, patients will be thrilled by their beautiful results of smoother, tighter, more youthful-looking skin.

ThermiTight® is a minimally invasive way to tighten and smooth skin, treat cellulite, and perform body contouring over various parts of the body. Using a tiny probe, Dr. Shieh will target specific tissues through gentle, precisely controlled heating to contour and smooth the neck, lower face, arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, hips, buttocks, and even breasts.

How does ThermiTight® work?

During a ThermiTight® session, Dr. Shieh will use a tiny RF fiber and pass it under the skin through a small puncture wound to deliver gentle heat. The temperature is pre-determined and to further avoid overheating or injury, an infrared camera is used to provide constant temperature monitoring. The heat will target tissue to stimulate tightening for firmer, younger-looking skin, reduce fat, and improve the appearance of cellulite. The procedure should be painless, and most patients only experience a warm sensation.

Radiofrequency (RF) technology has been used safely and successfully in medicine for more than 75 years. The initial device was invented by William T. Bovie in 1926 while working at Harvard University. RF energy is a widely used method of generating heat; the technology is safely used in medicine to coagulate, ablate, cut and in a more controlled manner to induce metabolic processes in target tissue.

More recently RF has been established in aesthetic medicine as a means to induce skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles, and the improvement of body contouring. Using the same theory for tissue reduction, RF energy can be used to heat hypodermis adipose tissue (fat layer in the hypodermis.) This causes release of liquid fat from the fat cells and induces a shrinkage of the fat cells in the target area, which ultimately leads to volume reduction and improvement in the outer tissue appearance.

ThermiTight can be used to tighten your skin in the following areas:

  • Neck
  • Face
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Knees

Who Should Use ThermiTight®?

Anyone struggling with loose, sagging skin or unwanted pockets of fat that simply won’t respond to traditional diet and exercise efforts is an excellent candidate for a ThermiTight procedure.

What is recovery like after ThermiTight®?

Immediately after the session, a compression garment or gentle wrap will be applied to the treatment area to enhance results. Since there’s little to no downtime associated with ThermiTight®, the majority of patients can resume normal activities by the next day. Most patients can expect to see full results within three to six months of treatment.

Am I A Candidate For ThermiTight®?

Immediately after the session, a compression garment or gentle wrap will be applied to the treatment area to enhance results.

Want to learn more about ThermiTight®?  Not sure whether you’re a good candidate for this treatment?  We will be happy to answer your questions about ThermiTight® and we can provide you with information so you can determine if it is right for you.

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