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7 Advantages Of Vaser Liposuction Over Traditional Liposuction Rejuvayou Medical South Pasadena Ca Usa

7 Advantages of VASER Liposuction over Traditional Liposuction

You’ve been working out and eating healthy and have had good results. You’re within 15-20 pounds of healthy body weight. Yet there are some problem areas where stubborn fat just refuses to go. It could be your tummy or love handles, your inner thighs or upper arms. Wouldn’t you love a procedure that could get rid of this pesky fat and leave you with a smooth contour and tight skin? 

You’ve probably heard of liposuction (it’s one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures worldwide), but there’s a new kid on the block. VASER liposuction is a third-generation fat removal procedure that can sculpt your body, so your clothes fit better, you feel more confident in a swimsuit, and you may even go down a dress size or two. If you look at Vaser liposuction before and after photos, you’ll see the difference. But there’s more. Vaser liposuction has several advantages over traditional liposuction. Read on to learn more.

What is VASER liposuction?

VASER is short for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. That’s quite a mouthful. Simply put, it is an ultrasound-assisted, minimally-invasive liposuction procedure that selectively destroys stubborn fat cells below the skin surface. It’s gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional liposuction for various reasons (more on that below). 

#1 Vaser liposuction is more comprehensive

Traditional liposuction can only remove fat from the deep layers. Vaser liposuction, on the other hand, is more comprehensive and removes fat from the deep and the superficial layers. Why is this important? Fat removal from the superficial layer allows you to achieve that elusive six-pack or four-pack that you’ve been dreaming of. 

#2 Vaser liposuction melts fat

Vaser liposuction is performed with an ultrasound probe that generates controlled heat. The heat melts the fat cells before removing them from the body. In contrast, traditional liposuction merely breaks up the fat through the movement of a cannula and suctions it out. The advantage of Vaser liposuction is that it is a gentler procedure. There’s less trauma during the fat removal process, meaning there’s less damage to blood vessels. As a result, there’s reduced blood loss and bruising, less inflammation, faster recovery, and a lower risk of surgical complications with Vaser liposuction.

#3 Vaser liposuction tightens the skin

A key benefit of Vaser liposuction is that it not only removes excess fat but also tightens the skin, something that traditional liposuction cannot do. During the Vaser liposuction procedure, heat from the ultrasound contracts the collagen fibers in the skin. As a result, there’s less skin sagging and dimpling after the fat is removed. Vaser liposuction, therefore, minimizes the risk of cellulite formation or an irregular contour. This is good news for people with thin skin or sagging skin after considerable weight loss.

#4 Vaser liposuction achieves smoother results

Traditional liposuction can leave an uneven or bumpy appearance to your body contour. Vaser liposuction gives smoother results because the fat cells are liquefied before they are removed. The smooth contour can be further improved during Vaser liposuction recovery with compression garments and lymphatic massages.

#5 Vaser liposuction preserves healthy fat

In a traditional liposuction procedure, the removed fat is destroyed and is useless. A Vaser liposuction procedure preserves healthy fat instead of destroying it. This means the fat can be used to contour the breasts, buttocks, face, or any area of the body that could benefit from fat injection for a smoother, fuller appearance. You can have a Vaser liposuction and fat transfer in the same surgical procedure. 

#6 Vaser liposuction works better in fibrous areas

Men have naturally fibrous tissue that is difficult to break up with traditional liposuction, which is why they may benefit more from Vaser liposuction. In women too, certain areas like love handles and bra rolls tend to have fibrous tissue which can be more effectively treated with Vaser liposuction. Also, Vaser liposuction is more precise and selective in removing fat. Meaning, it can be used to give definition around muscles. Combined with the skin tightening it provides, Vaser gives you a more natural look.

#7 Vaser liposuction improves insulin sensitivity

Insulin is the hormone that regulates blood glucose levels in the body. Insulin sensitivity refers to how responsive the cells in your body are to the insulin hormone. People with diabetes tend to be insulin-resistant, i.e., the cells in their body are less responsive to insulin. One study found that fat removal with Vaser liposuction significantly improved insulin sensitivity and led to better diabetes control. So, not only will Vaser liposuction help you get rid of fat in stubborn areas, but it may also improve your health.

What to expect with Vaser liposuction?

You’ll be awake during the Vaser liposuction procedure which can take anywhere from one hour to several hours, depending on the areas being treated. The procedure starts with the plastic surgeon injecting a local anesthetic and saline solution into the target area. The fluid fills the area and makes it easier to break up and remove the fat deposits. 

A Vaser liposuction probe is then used to transmit ultrasound energy to the area. The vibrations loosen up the fat cells and emulsify them with the liquid. (Notably, there is no movement of a cannula required to break down the fat, which is what causes trauma in traditional liposuction.) The liquefied fat is then precisely suctioned out during Vaser liposuction with minimal damage to surrounding tissues. 

Some anesthetic remains in the tissues and helps with post-procedure discomfort. You can go home after the Vaser liposuction procedure, but you’ll be advised to take it easy for the rest of the day. You’ll also need to avoid strenuous activities for 2-3 weeks. It’s worth noting that Vaser liposuction recovery is significantly shorter compared to traditional liposuction.

Is Vaser liposuction right for me?

If you’re sitting on the fence about getting liposuction or are unsure whether you’re a good candidate for Vaser liposuction, why not take advantage of our free consultation? 

Dr. John Shieh, the Medical Director of RejuvaYou Medical, will discuss the benefits and risks of the Vaser liposuction procedure with you, answer all your questions, and help you decide the best treatment for fat removal. 

Call us today and book a visit to learn about the dramatic results Vaser liposuction can give you, with less pain and minimal downtime compared to traditional liposuction.

RejuvaYou and John Shieh, MD have been featured on Entertainment Tonight, EXTRA, Forbes, CNN TLC, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, MTV, Forbes Magazine, Life & Style, People, and more. Dr. Shieh is one of the first physicians in the US to be certified on and to perform treatments with several cutting-edge technologies.


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