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Ultraslim Fat Loss What Is It And How Does It Work Rejuvayou Medical South Pasadena Ca Usa

UltraSlim Fat Loss: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Have you tried dieting and exercise and still can’t get rid of fat in problem areas? No matter how hard you work out at the gym and how carefully you watch your diet, some stubborn areas simply refuse to improve? This is a common problem in adults, especially in women around menopause. Now, how does a treatment that can give you instant results sound? No dieting, no exercise, no drugs, no surgery, no pain, no downtime. We’re talking about UltraSlim, an FDA-approved non-invasive fat loss and skin rejuvenation treatment that gives guaranteed results in 32 minutes.

What is UltraSlim?

UltraSlim is a cutting-edge targeted fat loss treatment for people who are struggling with stubborn fat. This 32-minute non-invasive treatment can help improve areas that do not respond to hours of sweating at the gym and starving yourself. UltraSlim is safe, effective, and non-invasive. The overwhelming majority of patients lose at least 2 inches with their very first UltraSlim treatment.

UltraSlim can be used to slim problem areas like the waist, hips, thighs, and buttocks. It is also a non-invasive skin treatment that reduces the signs of aging by boosting collagen production. UltraSlim can be combined with UltraSmooth cellulite buster treatments to reduce cellulite (fat pushing against the skin) by relaxing the connective tissue. UltraSlim is a popular mommy makeover treatment to address stubborn problems created by pregnancy.

How does UltraSlim work?

UltraSlim uses a patented technology consisting of red LEDs (light emitting diodes) to stimulate fat cells. The treatment temporarily opens up pores in the fat cell membrane, allowing the cells to empty their fat content. The result is a release of stubborn fat that has refused to budge with diet and exercise. The fat is then cleared by the body’s lymphatic system and processed by the liver. Within 72 hours, the pores in the membrane close, and the released fat is expelled from the body through urine and stool.

The best thing about UltraSlim is that the results are visible immediately, before you leave the treatment room. You’ll notice a dramatic improvement with at least 2 inches of fat loss in the target area. The average patient loses 3.5 inches of fat. Some patients lose more than 10 inches with a single UltraSlim treatment. That’s equal to a gallon of fat. That’s pretty impressive for a treatment that only takes 32 minutes.

What makes UltraSlim different from other fat loss treatments?

One of the most common fat loss treatments is liposuction. It provides instant and permanent results. However, liposuction is an invasive procedure and is associated with considerable risks. It can also be quite expensive.

Other fat loss solutions that are non-invasive, such as lasers, freezing, heat, ultrasound, and microwave-based therapies, take weeks to months to show results, and patients are often unimpressed with the final outcome. Also, these body contouring technologies carry risks such as pain, bruising, scarring, and downtime.

In contrast, UltraSlim achieves dramatic results immediately. An added benefit is that UltraSlim increases the production of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin, giving your skin a tighter, more youthful appearance. 

Are there any side effects?

UltraSlim is in the Risk Group 1, which is the safest category in medical devices (it’s the same category as tongue depressors!). Patients do not experience any discomfort during the completely non-invasive treatment (no cuts, no pain). No heat is generated during UltraSlim sessions. There’s no pain, numbness, bruising, or discoloration. No side effects to red light technologies have been recorded. And there’s zero downtime.

Is UltraSlim right for me?

UltraSlim is right for almost everyone. It works on all skin types and body types. Whether you’re looking to get rid of fat in a few problem areas or you’re looking for a full-body transformation, UltraSlim can give you the results you’re seeking. Want to get rid of love handles? Desire more dramatic results? UltraSlim can get you from where you are to where you want to be, putting the body of your dreams within reach. 

UltraSlim may not be recommended for you if you are pregnant, have liver or kidney problems, have certain other medical conditions such as active cancer, or are being treated with photosensitizing drugs. To ensure the best results, always undergo UltraSlim treatments from a certified technician under physician supervision. 

What to expect at an UltraSlim treatment session?

At your consultation, we will talk about your fat loss goals and expectations. You’ll also receive diet and exercise advice to maximize results. You will be weighed and measured before and after each treatment to document the results. During the treatment, you’ll simply lie under a light source for 32 minutes (4 exposures of 8 minutes each). It’s relaxing and you may even fall asleep. You’ll be in and out of the clinic in 45 minutes, including the time to get dressed and undressed.

Is UltraSlim permanent?

An UltraSlim treatment shrinks fat cells by emptying them. It’s like flushing the toilet. The fat cannot come back. As long as you lead a healthy lifestyle, the results of UltraSlim are permanent. However, remember, the fat cells are not destroyed. Fat reduction with UltraSlim is reversed if you put on significant amounts of weight. Your weight is monitored during treatment sessions to make sure you’re not actively gaining.

UltraSlim results

A multi-site clinical trial demonstrated that UltraSlim delivers immediate results, instant fat loss in 32 minutes. On average, patients lose 1.6 liters of fat with one treatment. Every patient in the trial demonstrated significant fat loss ranging from a little under 2 inches up to 10 inches in the target areas of the waist, hips, and thighs. UltraSlim is the only fat reduction device in Risk Group 1 with zero side effects, adverse events, or complications. Best of all, at follow-up during the trial, patients demonstrated continued fat loss in the week following treatment. 

Interested in instant fat loss with UltraSlim? Take advantage of our free consultation and find out more about this innovative treatment. Dr. John Shieh, Medical Director at RejuvaYou Medical, will answer all your questions about UltraSlim and help you decide if this is something you want to do.

Call RejuvaYou Medical today and book a consultation to learn how UltraSlim can help you get rid of stubborn fat immediately, without surgery. 

RejuvaYou and John Shieh, MD have been featured on EXTRA, Entertainment Tonight, Forbes, CNN TLC, MTV, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Life & Style, People, and more. Dr. Shieh is one of the first physicians in the US to be certified on and to perform treatments with several leading edge technologies like UltraSlim.


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